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Xianda Apparel is a leading sportswear company that has built a strong reputation since its establishment in 1998. There are two factories in Shantou, Guangdong province, one specializing in sportswear and the other in underwear. The company was founded by Mr. Wu and has always focused on creating cost-effective high-end sportswear, and registered the brand KABLE®.

At the beginning, Xianda Apparel was developed in Russia using the brand KABLE®. Russia is known for its harsh weather conditions, providing the company with a unique opportunity to showcase its expertise in creating sportswear that can withstand the most extreme climates. With its durable, weather-resistant products, Xianda Apparel quickly gained a loyal customer base in Russia.

As a pioneer in the sportswear industry, Xianda Apparel has completely changed people's perception of and the way they wear sportswear. By combining style, comfort and functionality, the company successfully meets the ever-changing needs of sports enthusiasts and athletes around the world.

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The worldwide sporting-goods market is predicted to reach $423 billion by 2025, according to a McKinsey analysis. It is simple to see why so many brands have entered the market. However, there are a lot of things to think about when starting a new activewear clothing brand, including the cost, the design, the quality, the competitive strategy, and the manufacturing procedure. At first, this could seem overwhelming. Finding a trustworthy sportswear manufacturer is, therefore, an essential first step.

Let us be your long-term fitness clothing manufacturer & wholesale with our more than 20 years of experience in the textile industry. We offer customizable, high-quality, and beautiful products as well as a wide selection of fabrics.

Whether you are in need of an ODM producer or private label manufacturer, you can trust us as we have been working with many global brands in the Russia, USA & Euro markets. Our team can assist you in everything, from pattern making to sourcing material, from sample development to bulk production, from T-shirts, bras, tank tops, and hoodies to leggings, gym shorts, and everything in between.


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Our team handles every project with integrity – from initial communication to aftersales – making sure each step is clear and concise.


Believing in the saying “teamwork makes the dream work,” our team works as one unit in producing impeccable workout clothing.


Innovation is key to staying relevant in the industry. As such, we constantly look forward to and study modern trends.


We constantly seek mutual growth and profit with our clients, offering the best products and services to ensure your success.

In addition to its commitment to quality, Xianda Apparel is also committed to sustainable development practices. The company recognizes the importance of minimizing its impact on the environment and is actively committed to reducing waste and implementing environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. This approach not only won the hearts of environmentally conscious consumers, but also reflected Xianda Apparel's responsibility as a global corporate citizen.

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Today, Xianda Apparel has a rich product line to meet the needs of various sports. From running and training to outdoor adventures, the company offers sportswear solutions for every need. Xianda Apparel uses innovative materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure customers can perform at their best while staying comfortable and protected.

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All in all, Xianda Apparel's journey since its establishment in 1998 has been nothing short of extraordinary. The company focuses on creating cost-effective high-end sportswear and has become a well-known brand in the Russian market. By integrating style, comfort and functionality, Xianda Apparel meets the ever-changing needs of sports enthusiasts around the world. Leveraging the leadership of its Kable brand, the company continues to provide customers with high-quality activewear options. As Xianda Apparel looks to the future, its commitment to sustainability and ambition for expansion have laid the foundation for its continued success.